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Costa Rica Launches Decarbonization Plan

By 25 February 2019April 16th, 2019No Comments

On Sunday, February 24, Costa Rica launched a plan to make Costa Rica one of the world’s first decarbonized countries

The plan covers ten sectoral focus areas with policy packages up to 2050. A near term Action Plan is also being developed to support the 2050 vision, which will form the basis for updating Costa Rica’s NDC in 2020. 

Some key points from Costa Rica’s long-term strategy include: 

  • Transport: Passenger trains, buses, and taxis will all be zero emissions in Costa Rica by 2050. Sales of light vehicles will also be zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.
  • Energy: Costa Rica will transition to a completely renewable energy system, which will also support the transformation of the industrial sector. In 2017, Costa Rica set a new world record when it ran on 100 percent renewable energy for 300 days in a row.
  • Waste: Costa Rica will adapt its waste management system for maximum efficiency, including developing a strategy for better technological options to reduce methane from organic waste by 2022.
  • Land use: Costa Rica intends to increase the current 52% of forest cover to 60% by 2050 and improve access to green spaces for citizens.

Along with environmental considerations, the plan is based around inclusion, respect for human rights, and gender equality.

Costa Rica is a member of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition.

Read more about the plan here: Decarbonization Plan – Costa Rica (pdf) or here: Scribd