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The Declaration of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition

Having a good plan is not a sufficient condition for success. But not having one is always a recipe for failure

Frank BainimaramaPrime Minister of Fiji, High Level Event, COP23, Bonn, Germany 2050 Pathways to Prosperity and a Safe Climate

In Paris, at COP21, we all committed to limiting the average temperature increase to well below 2C, and to pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5C. By doing so, we affirmed our strong resolve to achieve twin objectives of sustainable development and climate action.  

Today, we announce we will develop long-term low-greenhouse gases emission climate- resilient development strategies, in line with the agreed long-term temperature increase limit and we will do so by end 2020.  

It is only by developing these strategies, through open discussion, that we will achieve a triple win: reaping the socio-economic benefits of the transition to net-zero greenhouse gases; building climate-resilient economies; and, accelerating global climate action at the necessary speed and scale.  

Transitioning to a net-zero greenhouse gases and climate-resilient future, and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, is one of the biggest, but also one of the most exciting challenges the world has ever faced. Today proves our determination to address this challenge.  

Setting long-term strategies moves away from an incremental approach to climate action. They will instead ensure country-specific shorter-term planning and policy-making is measured against the long-term “lodestar”. They will allow governments to make the best choices to suit their circumstances in relevant sectors (whether in transportation, energy or land-use), to mainstream climate action while promoting inclusive economic and social growth, and to incentivise investment flows and technological innovation.  

The evidence is now clear that taking climate action does not compromise sustainable development. On the contrary, both the economy and climate win. We can see the equation works, and we are ready to act boldly now with the Carbon Neutrality coalition.


Plan of Action