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The framework

At COP27, member countries of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition agreed on a framework for how best to build and implement plans to reach net-zero emissions. This the first time countries agree on a framework for carbon neutrality. The framework contains a blend of country best practices and the key ingredients to build the ultimate recipe to reach true net zero.

Framework for Net-Zero Climate Action

At COP26, members of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition resolved to develop a framework reflecting a common understanding of how best to build and implement plans to reach net-zero emissions. Recognizing the many challenges to be overcome to unlock a net-zero climate-resilient and just future, and acknowledging that no jurisdiction has completed the needed transition, this framework presents elements vital to reach our common goal. The CNC members remain committed to exchanging and learning on policies and approaches to maintain the path towards 1.5°C.

The framework for net-zero climate action illustrates the combination of seven priority areas which can best translate commitment into action and unlock progress toward a net-zero and just future. This future will be achieved through major transformational shifts toward net-zero emissions, and ensuring a just, resilient, and equitable transition.

Foundational decisions are critical first steps that countries can take to clarify the scope of a net-zero target, formalize the target, and tie it to immediate policymaking.

Countries must also undertake enabling actions in the priority areas of governance, sectoral policy, and finance and investment. These actions taken will need to disrupt established GHG-intensive practices and unlock systemic changes that are required for realizing a just net- zero future. They must be combined for a robust and long-standing signal to decision- makers across government and society.

Critically, stakeholder engagement must be continuously prioritized throughout to ensure a workable, equitable and balanced plan for change.

Countries are already taking action

This map includes illustrative examples of good practice towards achieving national net-zero targets across foundational decisions, governance, sectoral policy, finance and investment, and stakeholder engagement. Together, these actions can unlock major transformational shifts and drive progress toward a just, resilient, and equitable future.

Endorsed by:

Andorra, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Fiji, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland,Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom


The framework was launched at COP27 by the member countries of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition.


  • Teresa Ribera, Deputy Prime Minister of Spain
  • Silvia Calvó Armengol, Minister on Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability of Andorra
  • Daniel Westlén, State Secretary at the Ministry for Climate and Environment of Sweden
  • Stéphane Crouzat, French Climate Ambassador
  • Norbert Gorißen, Deputy Special Envoy for International Climate Action, Germany

More information on the launch here.

Plan of Action