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COP26 – Communique on Realizing True Zero

At COP26, members of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition (CNC) reaffirmed their commitment to deliver on the Paris Agreement and to accelerate climate action and realize political commitments towards net zero emissions ensuring accountability to the next generations.  

In short, CNC members resolve to:

1. Continue to align short- and medium-term climate actions, including by adjusting and enhancing current 2030 targets contained in Nationally Determined Contributions, with national long-term net zero emissions goals to collectively keep 1.5°C within reach. 

2. Develop a framework reflecting our common understanding of how best to build and implement plans to reach net zero emissions recognizing the many challenges to reach this goal. Working together to share experiences in order to navigate the complexity of reaching carbon neutrality and support each other in this journey. Recognizing the varying responsibility, capacity, and national circumstances of all countries. 

3. As appropriate, revise long-term low-greenhouse gas emissions development strategies in light of latest scientific, technological, and economic developments with a view to inform the Global Stocktake at COP28. 

The full Communique with signatory members is available here.